Induction melting, is one of the most effective and efficient methods of steel making. There are several steel making plants across the world which use induction furnace. This kind of furnace utilizes electrical energy to melt iron scrap. Prepared molten metal is poured into proper molds which finally leads to slabs or billets or other mechanical parts which are used in different industries. Billet which are manufactures by this method enters into hot rolling machines which finally produces different kinds of steel section such as rebar, angle bar and channel. One of the main advantages of induction furnaces over conventional rotary furnaces (fossil fuel furnace) is high production speed and high energy consumption efficiency, resulting in reduced production costs. Other advantages of induction furnaces are:

  • High speed production rate (high throughput)
  • Low environmental pollution
  • User friendly operation
  • Comparatively Low space needed
  • High efficiency ( low energy consumption)

Damavand induction furnace company, designs and manufactures furnaces in different capacities and power ratings, which are suitable for small workshop to large factories. In high capacities, continues casting machines (CCM) are employed to increase throughput .Molten metal is poured in these machines and long steel billets exits from the output. High speed production, makes induction furnaces a preferable choice for casting industrial parts, so several billet and industrial part casting units are replacing their rotary furnaces with induction furnace. This can guarantee a great profit for them in long term. Damavand induction furnace is a well known and respected company in induction furnace manufacturing in Iran and has several teams of experts to ensure delivering of high class customer service.
Below, we see an induction melting furnace manufactured by Damavand induction furnace company.

damavand-induction-furnace-introduction-24 tons steel shell induction melting furnace manufactured by induction furnace co..

Potential customers for induction furnaces

Main customers of induction furnaces are steel casting factories, although it is possible to melt other metals such as brass, copper and aluminum by induction furnace. Different industries in which induction furnace are used are as follows:

  • Aluminum, copper, magnesium production plants
  • Machinery and related equipment
  • Oil, gas and petro mechanical industries
  • Energy, turbines and power station industries
  • Railway industries
  • Cement industries
  • Iron and steel industries
  • Mining and related industries
  • Automotive Industry

Raw materials for steel making factories

Raw materials needed for casting factories which are molten by induction furnace is scrap. Iron scrap consists of recyclable materials left over from product manufacturing and consumption, such as parts of vehicles, ships building supplies, and surplus materials.